Timber Tee Cup™

  • |      August 2018

As part of our holistic children's golf training program, we are presenting the TIMBER TEE CUP™, a handicap effective children and adolescent golf tournament.

This child-friendly designed and approved children golf tournament is played in two categories:

  1. TIMBER TEE MINI CUP™ - a teaser game especially for absolute beginners without any golfing experience;
  2. TIMBER TEE CUP™ - a 9-hole tournament for children and youth athletes up to 15 years, who have already obtained their course proficiency certificate at their golf club and have started playing golf with a registered handicap.

INNVENTT MEDIA PRODUCTION HOLDING offers the 'ready to use' TIMBER TEE CUP™ concept:

  • From the planning and organization of the event on your location;
  • The joint cooperation with about ten to twelve golf clubs in the UK as venues per season;
  • The entire transportation of the children (unless organised by the parents' car pools);
  • Own production of the complete cross-media advertising campaign;
  • The performance of the tournament as official event marketing promoter;
  • The documentation and live provision of the results for the visitors along the route on media walls (as shown above);
  • Up to the empirical preparation of event data for the UK Golf Association.

Interested golf clubs can contact us directly under ttc_customer-support@imph.net.