Research & Development

  • |      August 2018

While R&D is often seen as synonymous with the high-tech industry, which is already at the cutting edge of technology and requires high investments to survive, almost all consumer goods companies also spend large sums on improving their products. For us at the INNVENTT MEDIA PRODUCTION HOLDING PLC (INNVENTT), R&D is a challenge and an opportunity to realize our innovations!

INNVENTT develops unique products and services for primary school children, all of which have a direct affinity and relationship to golf. Our activities are designed to help minimize or even completely prevent physical damage to the muscles, joints and bones of the musculoskeletal system of primary school children.

Since 2015, we have been investing disproportionately time and money in the development of innovative, new, weight-saving materials for sports equipment, as well as using new technologies such as AR and VR, which are intended to replace time-consuming explanations in the production of golf instructional videos with simple visual information.

This is accompanied by the global problem of developing training conditions suitable for children on golf courses. With TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ we have been developing the prototype of a golf performance center with indoor and outdoor training facilities for the performance training of six to 14 year old children and teenagers for 6 years. The dimensions of all planned golf courses and the 'short game' Golf Academy are specially designed for the physical dimensions and performance of children of primary school age.

R&D is a constant challenge and indispensable for INNVENTT on our way to achieve and maintain market leadership in character licensing in sport. In order to permanently improve the competitiveness of our British company and to make a measurable contribution to the British economy in golf, we will continue to invest time and money in research and development of new technologies, new products, new materials and new training conditions around golf - for our children - because the future belongs to them.