R & A have fundamentally revised their Golf Rules

  • Modernized rules apply from 01 January 2019
  • |      August 2018

Children learn the new golf rules playfully in Timber Tee's Golf Rule Video Lessons

For almost 550 years, the guardians of the golf rules in St. Andrews have monitored strict compliance with their rules in all countries. According to their own comment in their 'Introduction Statement' on the official R & A Rules of Golf homepage, R&A has been working since 2012 on a fundamental reform and simplification of the current 34 golf rules, which even many adult golfers still find too confusing and unlearnable.

Since the simplified and modified golf rules, now reduced from 34 to 24, again consist of too much text and too few pictures, INNVENTT MEDIA PRODUCTION HOLDING, in cooperation with Manchester and Altrincham-based film and tv production company Groundbreak Production Ltd., will simplify the 24 golf rules so that they are understood by first-graders also. We are committed to strictly adhere to the context of the golf rules as required by R&A, but we will now, after the fundamental revision, produce the 24 finally revised new golf rules for children of primary school age in the form of short rule videos as a mix of featured film and 3D animation.

In plain text: In this golf rule short films children of primary school age experience every golf rule imaginatively and vividly with their golf teacher by playing a regular game of golf. The children are supported by our 3D animated golf comic characters (Timber Tee and his artificial fellows) during every round of golf.

According to the principle that a picture says more than 1000 words, first-graders will find learning golf rules 'child's play' in the future. The interactive DvD will be available in all common languages via golf clubs or via amazon after a production time of approx. 8 - 10 months.