The Supervisory Board of INNVENTT HOLDING PLC

INNVENTT HOLDING PLC has taken the next step, following the end of BREXIT, to start operations even in 2020. Following the name change in December 2018, with the appointment of the two new shareholders and directors Kurt and Katarina Fuller and the simultaneous resignation of former directors Mr. Eta, Schlabritz and Treftz, the four-member Executive Board of the INNVENTT HOLDING is now complete.

The next step is to acquire and purchase a property in Warrington for our company and to convert it to our needs. Provided that the pandemic regulations in the UK allow it, we will have completed this purchase by November 2020.

You can view the corresponding mandatory notifications as a public limited company, which have been accepted by Companies House, here.

Klaus P. Guenther,
1st Director


Klaus is the owner of INNVENTT MEDIA PRODUCTION HOLDING PLC and the sole licensor and trademark owner of the core asset TIMBER TEE™. As 1st Director and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, he manages the parent company, which controls the individual corporate divisions as central corporate management and monitors their performance and value-added processes. All divisions share the competitive advantage and generate synergies through the use of his junior golf brand TIMBER TEE™.

Susanne Guenther,
2nd Director and Company Secretary


Susanne Guenther, married to the company founder and owner of INNVENTT HOLDING, studied psychology in Hamburg. She has been Company Secretary on the Board of Directors since day one and holds 10% of the share capital. Susanne has been a very successful career counselor in the field of recruitment for 16 years and will be significantly involved in interviews and assessments of candidates for executive positions. Due to her professional qualifications and expertise, Susanne will assume a leading management position within the INNVENTT Group next year.

Kurt Fuller,
3rd Director and Financial Analyst


With Kurt Fuller, Klaus was able to win over one of his best and long-standing friends as co-investor for INNVENTT HOLDING. Kurt's decades of experience in banking, engineering, and his many years as a senior U.S. diplomate for strategic program development for the use of politically charged foreign assistance internationally is invaluable. We are pleased that he has agreed to oversee and manage the application of funds as our CFO and financial analyst on the Supervisory Board of INNVENTT HOLDING PLC.

Katarina I. Fuller,
(4th Director)


Katarina Fuller, the daughter of co-investor Kurt Fuller completes the supervisory board of INNVENTT HOLDING. She studies dramatics in London and is looking forward to contributing her newly gained experience to the team of the HOLDING subsidiary INNVENTT HOME ENTERTAIMENT LTD.

In the coming weeks after the relaxation or abolition of the corona restrictions and the lifting of the entry ban for EU foreigners, we will acquire and revamp the corporate site of INNVENTT HOLDING PLC in Warrington and, in addition to the holding company, establish and locate there four legally and organisationally independent subsidiaries and production companies in which our INNVENTT HOLDING holds 100% of the capital.

The job advertisements of the respective company managements are published in good time under WORK WITH INNVENTT before we begin with the selection and recruitment of the executive candidates.