How Fantasy inspires Learning

  • |      September 12 2018
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Children learn easier with Fantasy

K. Guenther | May 2020


My vision is that every child should have a TIMBER TEE™ textbook and the interactive TIMBER TEE™ golf rule DVD in its school bag when it is sent to school so that it can learn and understand the rules of golf in a playful and easy way.

Our core business is to show first graders the rules of golf with simple pictures and without many words, because children at this age absorb information purely visually.

I am convinced that this sport should not be explained by a tiger, an oversized, fat hamster or a duck, but rather by the animated sports equipment that children hold in their hands while playing golf. Only that makes sense!

With this in mind, I have developed and brought to life fantasy figures that have a direct connection to the sport of golf: Jumbo - the golf bag, Woody - the driver or 1-wood, Mashie - the 5-iron, Professor Seven - the 7-iron, Niblick - the 9-iron, Sandy - the sand wedge and Mr. Putter - himself, then a Tee and Dimple - the golf ball plus a special figure, TIMBER TEE, who tells children magical fantasy stories.

I experience from the many conversations or lectures I have given for years that people often react with rejection or disinterest to the fact that my company deals with golf and children who have just started to learn how to read and write.

On the one hand, my critics accuse me that I should wait until the children are older, because that would give them a better grasp. On the other hand, there is the argument: what you have in mind is of no interest to anyone! Why shake something that has worked for centuries - the golf rules? Children would learn to play golf and the golf rules that go with it at some point, just as difficult or easy as adults. That would then be a matter for the golf clubs and trained golf instructors!

I respect the attitude, but one should not reject an innovative development from the outset just because one cannot discern any sense in it. To dispel prejudices objectively is my ambition and motivation to stick to my goal. I am convinced that this approach will win over many children to golf and thus solve the problem of young talent.

It is very important to me to convey an understanding of why my work is so important for golf - or will be so in the future. To give you the background for my decision is the purpose of this blog.


It has been scientifically proven that children like to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds while playing. For a long time psychologists saw no deeper meaning in it. But the fascination for mythical creatures can inspire learning.

If children are enthusiastic about fantasy creatures, it is objectively easier for them to put themselves in the shoes of other people, situations or tasks. Children psychologists from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville observed this result in tests with three-year-olds. They found that those of their little probands who were particularly keen of travelling in thoughts in fantastic worlds or who believed in mythical creatures could understand the thoughts, intentions and perceptions of their fellow human beings better than their peers who had not yet had this ability.

This ability, so crucial for social coexistence, is called "THEORY OF MIND" and develops at an early age. It is the ability of children to develop imagination, to give their own thoughts space and time to better understand the world around them.

Fantasy is a gift that children develop and experience most intensively between the ages of four and nine. With the help of their fantasy, children build new worlds for themselves. They use their fantasy for dreamlike stories with which they can better understand the truth. Their imagination blurs the boundaries between reality and illusory worlds. Objects in their children's room, dolls, stuffed animals suddenly come alive. Invisible friends accompany them through their everyday life and help them to understand things more easily. Good fairies guard their sleep.

Why not take advantage of this natural development in children? We at INNVENTT use this part of the early development of children to their benefit. Timber Tee™, his golf bag Jumbo™ and their golf clubs help the children in our short video stories to remember the rules of golf playfully, which are so difficult to comprehend and to anchor the rules in their memory with small anecdotes and pictorial examples.

At the age of six, in my opinion, children are exactly in the right age and have a lot of fantasy to learn to play and love the wonderful sport of golf with the right approach (Timber Tee™ and party), in addition to starting school.

Therefore we attach great importance to our golf rule learning tools, that the learning material is adapted to the theoretical golf rule instruction and, that the children in the practical training - beside the use of the clubs - also the demanding work of the golf caddies train and internalize. We have already carried out the connection and importance of the two training programs under Golf Caddie Training.


Child education should always be characterized by trust and honesty. I am sure that our golf comic characters around Timber Tee™ and Jumbo™, his faithful golf bag, will not only provide fun and entertainment for the many little fans around the world soon, but also convey a few important values for their further lives.