Music Production

  • |      August 2018

No film production, advertising, our 3D television cartoons, short films or feature films are conceivable without the perfect sound. We trust in the perfect arrangements of MG Sound in Vienna for our upcoming production in 2019, the pilot film. Alternatively, sound studios in Manchester and London are available.

All previous productions were produced in Hamburg, all songs composed and lyrics written by Martin Luke Burns and Dylan Vaughn. "Tee Time" was written by Pierce Vaughn and Ole Max von Stürmer. Jan-Peter Pflug and Paul Hostia arranged all the songs, except for "Tee Time", which was arranged by Pierce Vaughn, son of composer Dylan, and "Walkin 'down the Fairway" as Smoth Jazz version arranged by Herb Geller and Martin Luke Burns.

The songs released so far are all Klaus P. Günther productions.

Our thanks go to:
Hannes Steinbrecher † (Pedal Steel and Guitars | Band member of Truck Stop), Dylan Vaughn (Guitars), Christoph Buhse (Drums), Larry Elam † (Trumpets | 1st Trumpeter of the Hamburg State Opera) and Betsy Miller (Vocal Coach)

And our special thanks go to the Jazz Combo of Herb Geller † (Tenor Saxophone), Edward Harris (Guitars), Thomas Biller (Bass), Heinz Lichius (Drums) and Martin Luke Burns (Piano).