The 'Making-of' - How our educational Golf Rule Film is made

  • |      August 2018

Preparations are underway: For the 'making-of' of a Golf Rule' as a Mix of featured Film and Animation.

The preparations for our first film production have begun

Our executive film & tv production company Groundbreak Productions Ltd has forwarded the tender for the 'retreading' of the 10 Golf comic figures and five comic creatures to freelance artists (Creature Designers, Character Designers and Sculptors).

The expectations for the quality of the work samples to be delivered by the participating artists in terms of style, attention to detail, quality of execution and harmony of the overall appearance of the lovable golf comic 'beings' are high. On the one hand, the rights holder and owner must finally approve the new appearance of his creations. On the other hand, the spark has to jump between the cartoon characters and the kids. If they love the magical Golf Comic creatures, they will thrill and top entertain their little fans with their wisdom, quick-witted comments, jokes and adventures for the next decades.

The upcoming film production tells - embedded in a framework story - how the Groundbreak film team films itself in a so-called 'making-of' during the production of the very first children's instructional video ever of a golf rule.

In this making-of, the camera observes and films the film crew in all phases of production, from the review of the script, the subsequent storyboard drawing, the planning of the equipment and shooting on the golf course with the golf head pro and children, through the post-production with the animation of the comic characters to the final film editing - all the way to the three minute presentation of the finished educational film - and it all ends with the grand finale of the cheering actors in the last frame scene.