Investor Relations

  • |      4 July 2019


How we create value

We at INNVENTT MEDIA PRODUCTION HOLDING PLC believe in the long-term value potential of our businesses. To expand our company size, structure and market position, our priorities are:

    • To expand our Group of Companies, either by acquiring small and medium-sized development and producing candidates in specific, related media industries and integrate them as subsidiaries into our corporate structure;
    • Or acquire shares from such companies and partner with them long-term;
    • To leverage our IP and expertise to create and develop new markets and to market new businesses.

The establishment of the Supervisory Board of INNVENTT HOLDING PLC has now been completed with the appointment of the directors Horst G. Schlabritz and J. Treftz as well as the resignation of the former CFO's Emmanual E. Eta.

The latest Company file history is documented and can be downloaded below: