• |      August 2018

This sub-area is not yet active

It is planned:
The Internet area includes the children's portal TIMBER-TEE.COM, which, in addition to interactive games and fun stories by Timber Tee and his friends, will contain other sections. These include a forum where children can ask all the questions they have when they discover the world with their eyes open and their parents can't answer them. (Topics and questions are not limited to golf).

This also includes the Golf Caddie App, which runs on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs. This APP links children who have registered with the Timber Tee Golf Caddie program with experienced social media accountants at INNVENTT and with their home golf club.

All results as golf caddies, but also their own game results at golf rounds are saved in the app. The aim is to identify children with outstanding golfing skills at an early stage and to support them professionally in their further careers as amateur golfers - possibly with a small scholarship or sports sponsorship, by providing professional golf equipment, subsidies for driving to training or travelling to golf tournaments.

We focus in particular on supporting disabled children and young people who want to play golf and are dependent on outside support due to special circumstances. All these examples are covered and maintained by our skilled and highly motivated social media colleagues on the children's portal TIMBER-TEE.COM.