Owners Vision

For 20 years I have been seeing a vision become reality in my mind's eye. I create with my golf comic character TIMBER TEE™ and his magical friends a 'fantastic golf world' for children - Timber Tee's World™. 2020 is the time. My vision becomes reality.
My role model, Walter Elias, better known as 'Walt' Disney, had laid the foundation for the economic success of his animation studio to the largest company in the world with the invention of his 'Mickey Mouse' in 1928. Thereby, he 'only' tells stories in moving pictures.
In my fantasy novels TIMBER TEE™ and his magical friends tell the story of Golf in a fairy tale way, which has its origin in ...

How Fantasy inspires Learning; Blog

My vision is that every child should have a TIMBER TEE™ textbook and the interactive TIMBER TEE™ golf rule DVD in its school bag when it is sent to school so that it can learn and understand the rules of golf in a playful and easy way.
Our core business is to show first graders the rules of golf with simple pictures and without many words, because children at this age absorb information purely visually. I am convinced that this sport should not be explained by a tiger, an oversized, fat hamster or a duck, but rather by the animated sports equipment that children hold in their hands while playing golf. Only that makes sense! ...

Learn Golf easily with TIMBER TEE:
Golf Rule & Caddie Training.

So, why are we making such a hype about the caddy's job?
Our Mission is to offer theoretical teaching material in Golf for children from primary school age and to unify the whole youth development for children and teenagers in Golf as in Football or Tennis. We will be starting in the UK this year. After that we will support the other Golf markets in the best possible way in the introduction / adoption of our TIMBER TEE™ Youth Golf Development Concept in their countries.

For the very first time: the 24 new golf rules on DvD as a mix of featured film & animation, made just for kids

INNVENTT HOLDING will have their TV and film productions produced by the INNVENTT HOME ENTERTAINMENT Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of our INNVENTT HOLDING PLC, starting in Q4 2020.
Sefi Carmel's London sound studio SOUNDTRACK CREATION will be responsible for the sound, foley and musical design of all our productions. In order to fulfil the cooperation between INNVENTT and SOUNDTRACK CREATION in the best possible way, we have jointly decided to ...

China is a role model and pioneer in golf as a school sport

In all golf markets, golf clubs try to win new members with special offers or promotions - mainly adult members of course. We believe that this approach is not enough. Golf clubs should not only focus on adults as their new wealthy members, and especially on the target group of women. The hidden member potential for the future of golf lies in the target group of children from the age of six upwards and parents ...

Playing golf on rainy days - No problem with 'Tee-Time'

TIMBER TEE™ - 'Tee Time' is the world's 1st child-friendly styled golf board game for children aged six and upwards.
Tee - Time is very easy to learn, educational and exciting - a golf board game for the whole family and perfectly suited for indoor golf competitions / tournaments in school classes.
The design of this worldwide unique GOLF board game complies with CE standard and the original R&A golf rules are valid from 2019. Up to 4 players play against each other - similar to a real round of golf - with one difference ...