TIMBER TEE™ - Tee Time

  • |      August 2018

TIMBER TEE™ - 'Tee Time' is the world's first child-friendly conceptualized golf board game for children aged six and upwards.

Tee - Time is an easy-to-learn, educational and exciting golf board game for the whole family, perfectly suited for indoor golf competitions / tournaments in school classes, in the theoretical golf instruction on the golf course or simply, when it rains outside. The design of this worldwide unique GOLF board game complies with CE standard and the original R&A golf rules are valid from 2019. Up to 4 players play against each other - similar to a real round of golf - with one difference:

TIMBER TEE™ - 'Tee Time' is played with 3 dices instead of several golf clubs.

At 'Tee Time' the four players have two options. They either choose the imaginative, child-friendly 6-hole practice course TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ (side A of the turning board) or our self-designed 18-hole TIMBER TEE™ championship course on side B.

Our own B-side course can be replaced under license by any 18-hole golf course in the world. In this case, side B shows the golf club of the licensed club, just as examples the 'Old Course of St. Andrews' in Scotland or the 'Masters Golfcourse' in Augusta in the USA ... or ... as mentioned, your own home golf course.