Timber Tee Golf Balls

  • |      August 2018

In the first stage of expansion of the company until 12/2019, the production or sale of golf balls is not yet planned.

According to the registered brand class 'golf balls' we can register our children and juniors golf balls with the UK Label Register at any time for registration as training and tournament balls. A commitment to a particular golf ball manufacturer as a cooperation partner has not yet been made.

The admission of a 'practice and a tournament golf ball' has a lead time until approval of six months. The R&A Golf Club St. Andrews, which guards the register, decides twice a year (once in spring, before the start of the coming season, and once in late autumn of the same year) on all applications submitted for golf balls in the respective categories.

At least 500 dozen golf balls per type in minimum must be produced with the application for approval and this quantity must be proved by invoice.

Upon R&A's request, a number of balls per type has to be sent to the label register together with the application for testing.

Our four selected qualities of the ball types are listed above, of which the 3-layer quality is already produced but not yet approved.