• |      August 2018

Franchising is the central and extremely valuable sector of the INNVENTT HOLDING, focused on our core characters, the junior Golf brand TIMBER TEE™ and fellows, but also our ready-to-market print media products, upcoming audio, film and video productions, advertising productions and various existing music rights to published music titles as well as children sport events like TIMBER TEE CUP™ and sports venues like TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ (TTW™).

Our core license TTW™is listed in the license area 'sport license' and here in the trademark class 41. Download an overview of all license areas and brand classes in which our Junior Golf Brand TT is registered and protected.

TTW™ is conceptualized as a high-tech sport & entertainment facility and performance centre with all-seasons indoor Golf training areas, various - from 3-hole to 18-hole - outdoor Golf courses built in shorter dimensions, with imaginatively styled short-play Golf academy areas and a hostel complex with full board catering.
(see detailed description of TIMBER TEE's WORLD™)

Once the INNVENTT HOLDING has completed the construction of the TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ prototype in the UK, this core service license can be acquired by investor groups. TTW's™ franchise guarantees investors an unrivalled and maximum return on their investment. In China and India alone, the conservatively calculated demand potential for such a venue over the next ten years is at least 25 units per country in the different provinces due to the child population of almost 600 million children in these two countries.

TTW™ is our forward-looking and proactive way to multiply the training opportunities of very young golfers and our highly qualified young golf caddies to talented and supported young golf professionals, and to manage and accelerate their sporting development in a targeted manner.

It is our vision at INNVENTT HOLDING, that in less than a decade a multitude of new, young, highly qualified and well-trained TIMBER TEE™ Golf Caddies and junior Golf Professionals from the day after tomorrow will make their way with the help of TTW™ sport facilities and performance centres, as you can already see today with simple means and a lot of commitment on the example of China's primary schools.

China is on a very good path here and all other nations should do the same.