Film & TV Production

  • |      May 2020

INNVENTT HOLDING will have their TV and film productions produced by the INNVENTT HOME ENTERTAINMENT Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of our INNVENTT HOLDING PLC, starting in Q4 2020.

Sefi Carmel's London sound studio SOUNDTRACK CREATION will be responsible for the sound, foley and musical design of all our productions. In order to fulfil the cooperation between INNVENTT and SOUNDTRACK CREATION in the best possible way, we have jointly decided to appoint Sefi Carmel as a permanent member of the operational board of INNVENTT HOLDING.

Currently Sefi Carmel and Klaus Guenther are developing musical leitmotifs for his 17 magical golf comic characters. They are the basis for the production of the pilot film and all further productions. We are also working on the new appearance of all Golf Comic figures and afterwards the storyboard of the pilot will be created. The pilot will be produced either as a mix of feature film and 3D animation or purely as 3D animation. It tells the story of a worn, centuries-old golf bag and its patina-covered golf clubs.

To get to know its history, we travel back in time to the year of the Lord 1568 in medieval Scotland to St. Andrews. There we will meet the toolmaker Angus Raibert MacCallahan and watch him at work in his workshop. Angus has been commissioned by Sir William MacAllister to make a particularly valuable golf bag for his son Keith. Golf as a sport was very fashionable in St. Andrews and Keith was a master of this new game as a child (he secretly practiced with his father's clubs). Now his father wanted to give him this masterfully handcrafted golf bag as a gift for his 12th birthday.

Five magical creatures helped Angus in the crafting of the golf bag and the forging of their club heads, but before Angus can hand it over to the Earl, Sir William MacAllister, the golf bag receives the blessing of the wise druid Calatin - combined with a secret mission.

452 years later, in modern America in 2019, the old, worn golf bag suddenly comes to life. It transforms into the animated golf bag Jumbo, equipped with magical abilities, and she needs the help of the descendants of Keith and Sir William. What had happened?

This is a good question for another story, and Klaus P. Guenther tells it in his four Fantasy / Coming-of-Age novels 'TIMBER TEE and the Wheel of Life'.