Corporate Governance

  • |      August 2018


We at INNVENTT MEDIA PRODUCTION HOLDING PLC (INNVENTT HOLDING) believe that the term Corporate Governance does not mean a uniform set of rules, but rather basically the responsible business management, inspection and audit as well as the legal and factual linking of our businesses into our entire environment.

Good corporate governance guarantees qualified, transparent, responsible, and on long-term success directed leadership. We realize for the INNVENTT HOLDING these codes of values in the transparency in all levels and in all processes, such as the internal communication, as well as the external, with our customers, suppliers, investors, banks and government entities and bodies.

Principle of Separation of Powers.

Essential point is the clear separation between operating business and control. The INNVENTT HOLDING Board of Directors has the operational management of the holding while the supervisory board exercises control. The Supervisory Board consists of appointed independent, external councils and the owner of the company (Chairman of the Board).

As in general the UK Corporate Governance Code applies only to all companies with a Premium listing on the London Stock Exchange, the management of the INNVENTT HOLDING is committed to the UK standard recommendations of the Guidance on Risk Management, Internal Control and Related Financial and Business Reporting from Sept 2014, as well as of the Guidance on Audit Committees from Sept 2012 (or newer reports), both published by the FRC (Financial Reporting Council).

Dealing with our "B to B" and "B to C" Customer Groups

We assure, not to sale our physical products directly to the B to C target group of primary school children. We supply our ‘Golf Rule Learning Tools’ and other range of products exclusively through our contractually connected B to B customers (retailers and wholesalers).