• |      April 2020

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer theoretical teaching material in Golf for children from primary school age and to unify the whole youth development for children and teenagers in Golf as in Football or Tennis. We will be starting in the UK this year. After that we will support the other Golf markets in the best possible way in the introduction / adoption of our Youth Golf Development Concept in their countries.

Our Vision

Every child should have a TIMBER TEE™ textbook and the interactive TIMBER TEE™ golf rule DVD in its school bag when it is sent to school so that it can learn and understand the rules of golf in a playful and easy way.

Mission Statement and shared Values

Children are our future, not just in the Golf sport! Our vision is our vocation. To realize it, we need the support and trust of our team, our children and a clear plan.

Our Children We are the voice of the many children out there who trust us because we help them realize their dreams, in golf, but also in their very personal lives. We do our best to ensure that they successfully pass their golf and golf caddie exams with the utmost best golf rule learning aids and have fun playing golf. The welfare of our children is the focus of all our efforts.
Our Team The love for children unites us. We all appreciate the privilege of having a great place to work, where each of us is inspired to be innovative every day, to bring out the best in ourselves and to contribute our part to the success of the whole team - for the benefit of the children.
Our Portfolio We bring to the world a portfolio of unique, high quality Golf Rule Learning Aids, products and services that meet and exceed the needs and desires of children (and their parents).
Our Partners Nurture of networks of customers and children. Together we create mutual, enduring value.
Creativity and Innovation We make an essential contribution to the future of Golf by offering a holistic, structured training concept that gives every child from the age of six upwards the fair chance of becoming the next Golf Professional of the day after tomorrow.
Social and sporting Outcomes Children are our community and we care about their education in Golf. We believe in the power of children, and that our best little Golf Professionals of the day after tomorrow will climb in the winner's lists of all Golf tournaments, all over the world.
Impact of our Activities on the Environment We take the health of our children very seriously. Our duty of care begins with the selection and recommendation of healthy food and beverages. It continues through the materials from which our Golf equipment, Golf accessories and Golf apparel will be made in the future, as well as our training facilities such as Timber Tee's World, which are made exclusively from renewable construction materials that meet the highest ecological standards and are procured in an environmentally friendly manner from the nearest environment without unnecessary CO2 emissions.